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2020 prices

Piano lesson for children and adults

Image by Johannes Plenio

30 minutes

$ 28

Image by Johannes Plenio

45 minutes

$ 38

Image by Johannes Plenio

60 minutes

$ 48

Rental of practice rooms
Pianos on site   * Acoustic instruments and voices authorized
Availability from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm; by appointment only
60 minutes: $ 15 (cumulative as needed)
We offer theory and harmony lessons to enable students to gain a better understanding of music and to use their full potential in their learning. It might even give them the knowledge and inspiration to compose their own pieces!

Agreement of terms and regulations



1. Students are expected 5 minutes before the start of individual and group lessons to ensure a full learning period.

2. Students are expected to attend classes throughout the academic year (September-June; optional summer semester July-August) in order to promote steady progression in music education and achieve optimal results in our series of regular student concerts. This is also essential for a thorough understanding of the theoretical program.

3. Regular delays will result in a note in the student's file and teachers will have the right to reschedule the student's appointment. The school can also reassign the student to another teacher. As the latecomers of group lessons disrupt the concentration of other students, the teacher will have the right to prohibit any delay from attending the regular class and to organize remedial lessons which will be billed accordingly. Students absent from group lessons hamper the progress of the rest of the class. We therefore strongly encourage students to attend all theory classes, unless very specific reasons arise.

4. If there are three total absences during a semester, students will lose their scheduled class hour.



1. Students who will have foreseeable reasons for being absent from class (eg travel, school activities, etc.) must give notice at least 2 weeks before the start of classes.

2. There are, without exception, no credit or remedial courses for group theory courses missed by students.

3. Students who have missed private lessons due to illness or other unforeseen events should notify them at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. Notifications should be made in person, via phone call, text or emails. In the event of no notification to the school, the pupil will lose his lesson.

4. With 6 hours' notice to the school regarding the student's absence in a private class, one remedial class will be authorized per semester, subject to the availability of teachers. Once a remedial class is confirmed, it cannot be rescheduled.

5. Late students will not receive additional remedial minutes for private lessons in order to meet the class schedule of other students.

6. Private lessons missed due to unavailability of teachers will be compensated within the deadlines agreed between the student and the teacher. Group theory lessons canceled by the school / teacher will be credited.



1. Payments must be made at least 3 days before the day of the course in order to reserve the teacher's time. The school accepts post-dated monthly checks, debit cards and cash payments. Credit card payments are not accepted.

2. Payments for courses are not refundable under any circumstances.

3. An administrative fee of $ 15 will be charged for any late payment.

4. Students with regularly late payments risk losing their class time and may be expelled from school.

5. An administrative fee of $ 10 will be charged to the bank for all returned checks.



1. All students and parents should wait in the designated waiting room of the school.

2. We invite parents to pick up their children no later than 10 minutes after the end of school hours, as we have a limited waiting room. Also remind your children not to linger in the showroom. If parents are late, please inform the school administration immediately.

3. Students must not be in the studios outside of class hours. Books are available on request and a homework table is provided in the waiting room for students.



1. Identify all music and theory books with the names of the students. The school is not responsible for lost personal effects.

2. Students are responsible for bringing their own books to class, as the school cannot lend new books. Teachers often need to write reviews on student books, which store books cannot. Copies made from new books can only be used sparingly. Do not rely on copies made from new books, as these will be limited by the school.

3. Please refrain from placing any objects on the pianos in the exhibition hall and in the studios. Any damage caused and the costs of subsequent repairs will be billed to the student's invoice.

4. The pianos in the exhibition hall are not intended for the practice of our students. Please refrain from playing on the pianos before and after lessons.

5. Students are responsible for keeping the school and waiting areas clean and tidy at all times. Food and drinks are not allowed in the studios.



1. Regarding school recitals, student artists should arrive 15 minutes before the start of the concert in order to find their assigned seats and prepare for the concert.

2. Family and friends are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes before the concert begins to ensure the performance goes smoothly.

3. Parents are encouraged to leave children under the age of 3 at home, as they can interfere with the performers' concentration and interfere with the enjoyment of audience members.

4. Families who cannot make it without young children are encouraged to sit in the last two rows. Please make sure to generate as little noise and distraction as possible.

5. Remind young students to go to the bathroom before the concert. During the concert, if this is unavoidable, remind them to wait for the change of performer on stage in order to minimize the disruption caused.

6. Please refrain from chatting and other noisy activities, such as playing with program booklets (younger children have been shown to be inclined to do so) during performances.

7. Performers are encouraged to dress appropriately for public performances in order to respect the ethics of the concert and the audience.



The Piano Vertu Academy reserves the right to use any photographic and videographic material produced on our premises for promotional purposes.



I acknowledge having read and understood the contents of this document and having had the opportunity to discuss the details with the school administration. Consent is given of my own free will and the consequences of violating the above rules are fully taken into account.

Signature required



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